General Physical Exam

Wellness Examination

For patients who are otherwise healthy and who wish to have a general physical exam, our doctors are more than happy to provide the Wellness Examination service.

Generally, a physical or wellness examination will focus on all parts of the body, whether any symptoms exist there or not, and may involve some general laboratory tests to screen for potential problems.

Periodic General Physical Exam

Some employer-paid insurance plans provide coverage for periodic general physical exam, but many do not. If the plan does not cover the physical, the patient will be responsible for the charges associated with that service. For patients covered by Medicare, understand that Medicare does not cover physical exams where no illness is present.

Age and Health condition Based Exams

At Genesis Medical Group, our doctors strongly recommend regular wellness exams that are customized based on your age and health condition. These routine check-ups play a pivotal role in optimizing your overall well-being and providing comprehensive healthcare. Trust our team for top-quality care and individualized attention. Book your wellness exam today!