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Experience top-quality urgent care at Genesis Medical Group

No one ever plans on getting ill or having an accident but they happen.  When these incidences occur, it’s great to know where to go.

At Genesis Medical Group Urgent Care Centers, we believe that you should always be at your best in health and wellness!  We are safe, fast, effective, and humane care to ensure that you can go back to your daily routine quickly.

Should you a friend, a loved one, or someone you know to be in need of urgent care, come and visit your nearest Genesis Urgent Care Center.

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Creekside – Urgent Care

Tomball Urgent Care



Urgent Care Services

At Genesis Medical Group Urgent Care Center we take care of a wide array of urgent care medical conditions and ailments that while not are considered medical emergencies require immediate care within 24 hours.

Genesis Medical Primary Care Service

Many may be confused as to which should be considered a medical emergency or be best cared for at a trusted urgent care center. This chart is an example of the types of emergencies vs urgent care ailments but should you have a doubt, please do not hesitate in giving us a call.

Emergency Room

The following life-threatening illness and injuries would warrant a trip to the ER:

Urgent Care

Urgent cares are for patients with minor illnesses and injuries such as the following: