Dr. Jonathan Paek is a compassionate and enthusiastic pain physician who completed his interventional pain fellowship at Harvard Medical School’s Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Paek became interested in the field of chronic pain while dealing with his own chronic pain issues in his late twenties. He developed a long-standing hamstring and gluteal pain which completely prevented him from sitting. Because of this issue, he has a big heart for patients dealing with chronic pain as he understands just how dark and helpless pain issues can make a person feel. Through this experience, he decided to study interventional pain at the most prominent hospital in the world, Massachusetts General Hospital, to be at the cutting edge of pain research. He continues to be invested in advancing the field of pain medicine. Dr. Paek has published scientific articles and book chapters in both fields of pain and anesthesiology and has presented over 20 lectures and presentations at medical schools and national conferences for topics ranging from CRPS to opioid management.

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Jonathan Paek
Pain Management


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