Flu Season is Coming, Here’s How to Stay Healthy

Flu season is upon us once again! It’s important to remember the steps you can take to prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting sick. With the ongoing pandemic, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong. In this post, we will go over some tips and tricks to help you avoid catching the flu this season.

Get Vaccinated:

The best way to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated. The flu shot is recommended for everyone, especially those who are young, elderly or have immune-compromised systems. The flu vaccine is updated every year to protect against the most dangerous strains of the virus. Genesis medical group offers the flu shot at all of our locations, schedule to get your flu shot today. 

Wash your Hands:

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to prevent the flu is by washing your hands frequently. Use warm water and soap, scrub for at least 20 seconds and rinse well. If you don’t have access to soap and water, using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol can be a suitable alternative. Making this a routine habit when you use the bathroom and any time you’re in the kitchen can greatly increase your chances of not catching anything. 

Keep your Distance:

Staying away from people who are sick is a great way to avoid catching the flu. If you must come into contact with someone who is sick, try to keep a distance of at least 6 feet or wear a mask if you are constantly around sick people or know a loved one is sick. Keeping your mouth and nose covered will keep you protected from viruses and bacteria. 

Boost your Immune System:

A strong immune system can help fight off the flu virus. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is a great way to boost your immune system. Regular exercise, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep also help strengthen your immune system. Taking regular vitamins such as vitamin D, B12, Vitamin D3 can really help your system stay healthy and energized during this flu season. 

Be Prepared:

In case you or a family member does get sick, it’s important to be prepared. Keep a supply of tissues, cough drops and fever-reducing medication on-hand. If you do come down with the flu, stay home and avoid contact with others until you are no longer contagious. Remember, the flu is a serious illness that can impact anyone, so taking the necessary steps to prevent catching the flu should be a top priority for everyone. It’s important to get vaccinated, wash your hands frequently, keep your distance from sick people, and boost your immune system. By following these simple tips, you can help prevent the spread of the flu in your community and keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and safe this flu season. If you or a loved one get ill and need the attention of a medical professional, Genesis Medical Group is here to help. With several urgent care locations and primary care physicians all over the greater Houston area, we are here to help keep your family healthy through this flu season. Schedule an appointment today.